Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Wave Results - 2006 Midterm Elections - Predictions

Never been timid giving my predictions:

Assuming no November Surprize:


Dems gain 35 seats +/- 10


Dems hold NJ, MD, WA, MI.
Dems win RI, PA, OH, MT, MO, VA


Dems control both houses of Congress.

Bush stonewalls all oversight investigations forcing a constitutional crisis,

TN senate race may surprize me but I don't think white, southern,
conservative voters will vote for Harold Ford, Jr. However, if the wave
is big enough, Ford may just pull it out. If he does and the dems gain
seven seats and Lieberman defeats Lamont in CT, the Senate Democratic
caucus will strip Lieberman of his seniority. In that event, Lieberman
loses his committee chairmanship. Lieberman won't change parties
because even if he did dems would retain the majority.

I like them apples!

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